Reclaimed Wood Shutters: Repurposed From Nature, Fashioned For Your Stylish Honolulu Windows

Honolulu reclaimed wood shutters
Get nature-inspired looks with Reclaimed Wood Shutters in Honolulu! The vintage style of reclaimed wood captures the hearts of homeowners from Iolani Palace to Kailua Beach Park and beyond. Now you can bring the feel of outdoors into your home, and add a modernized design element to the room with reclaimed wood plantation shutters for your windows from Sunburst Shutters Honolulu.
Sunburst's Reclaimed Wood Shutters have received so much attention, they were even recognized as the Judges' Choice for the 2016 Window Covering Manufacturers Awards. 
Reclaimed wood shutters over bench 

The reclaimed wood used in these shutters comes from coast to coast and is shipped to our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin where it’s used to build these unique shutters. The wood planks are repurposed from old buildings, barns, fences, and more - with a history all their own. The one-of-a-kind finish, curvature, and color of each 3.5” or 4.5" wooden louver reflects the influence of decades in nature.
Reclaimed wood shutter Honolulu bedroom.
Equally inspired by natural looks and stunning craftsmanship, reclaimed wood shutters differ in color from one shutter panel to another. It makes each shutter original! We craft your reclaimed wood shutters with mindfulness to highlight the wood’s rich history. And we design the reclaimed wood shutters to be fully functional so you can tilt the louvers for as much of the light and the view as you’d like.

How We Brought Reclaimed Wood Shutters To Honolulu, HI

chic reclaimed wood shutters

As window treatment experts, Sunburst Shutters wanted to find a way to use reclaimed wood as a window treatment for your windows. Using reclaimed wood as a window fashion was unheard of. But our professionals were determined to make this product a reality.

We knew about the function and charm of reclaimed wood in paneling, flooring, and more. So our craftsmen and engineers set out to create a fully functional plantation shutter using reclaimed wood. After years of researching and developing this product, we developed a way to utilize this beautifully aged wood as shutter elements.

Your Reclaimed Wood Shutters Warranty

Closed reclaimed wood shutters in Honolulu 
Our reclaimed shutters comes with a 1-year warranty guarding against any defects in materials, workmanship, and installation. The warranty does not include any inherent imperfections in the product like nail holes, knots, color variations, etc., which are due to the aged nature of the wood. To learn what the warranty includes and its terms, download our official Reclaimed Wood Shutters Warranty

Reclaimed Wood Shutters For Your Windows And More

Mounted on a window, reclaimed wood shutters stand out as a masterpiece. They frame the surroundings outdoors elegantly when opened. And we can custom build reclaimed wood shutters to be installed on sliding glass doors, bay windows, french doors, and sidelights. Reclaimed wood shutters can be the focus - and the final touch - to your roomHomeowners, business owners, and interior designers alike have been searching for a one-of-a-kind window treatment in Honolulu, HI.

 Reclaimed wood shutters in living room
And with our line of reclaimed wood shutters, you’ll love the beauty of reclaimed wood in your modern office, home, or home office. Explore the ways you can purchase reclaimed wood shutters for your house with our free in-home design consultation.

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Our specialists will answer all your questions about the style and usability of these wooden window shutters. We’ll take detailed measurements of your window so we can custom craft your reclaimed wood shutters. And you can pick between a Craftsman Z or L frame.

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