Our Design and Installation Staff

You won’t find a shutter dealer as devoted to bringing you elegant, practical shutters as we are. We hand-chose our managers and installers in Honolulu because we care just as much about the quality of service we provide you as the quality of shutter products you purchase. They are enthusiastic about fashioning charming plantation shutters that custom-fit your windows seamlessly. Say hello to your design and installation staff, Honolulu!

Brandi Wong
Office Manager
The office manager makes sure we have all the shutter products you could be interested in on hand. And Brandi does an amazing job of answering your shutter buying questions and following up on your custom shutter order from start to finish. We don’t know where we’d be without Brandi.
Darren Wong
Store Manager
The store manager ensures that our day to day operations run efficiently. And Darren is extraordinary at facilitating in-home consultations – from scheduling to shutter manufacturing. As a matter of fact, Darren is known to give you a genuine opinion when you ask what you should do for your window. Without Darren, we couldn’t design and install your custom shutters as fast.
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