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You Deserve Premium Natural Wood Window Blinds in Honolulu

Light wood blinds in a modern living room

If you want to get hardwood blinds in Honolulu, you are wise to go with the best. Our wood blinds are made with furniture-grade natural wood, which gives them unique durability and beauty. Pick from 24 stains or colors, and then custom-tailor your treatments with valence, operating, and slat size preferences.

Sunburst’s wood blinds even withstand day-to-day operation. Every installation is custom-tailored to your window's specific measurements, so they consistently fit perfectly. The strong slats will then be covered with a UV protectant that resists the harmful effects from harsh sunlight. With that being said, there are no coverings quite as robust as our plantation shutters, but wood blinds work great in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.


Wood Blinds Customizations

up close shot of dark wooden blinds 

Begin by choosing the stain or color of your wood blinds. Select between 24 brilliant designer finishes to accentuate your space's color palette or match the hardwood flooring, furniture, or trim that is found in your home. Then harmonize your tassels, ladders, valences, and pull cord for a consistent presentation.

Why Choose Wood Blinds In Honolulu

Wood blinds might be the simplest method to incorporate a great-looking window treatment in your Honolulu house. Once you have them in position, you can move the built-in slats of your blinds by a pull cord or wand. There are various ways for utilizing your blinds to control sunlight, from pulling them up to bring in the sun’s rays to keeping them lowered for privacy.

And different from common aluminum materials, your Honolulu Sunburst’s Wood blinds won't easily break down. With solid slats made from tough hardwood, your slats will maintain their form without bending or snapping. Because your blinds are custom-built to your exact window measurements, your blinds will rotate smoothly and rise without knocking into the surrounding trim. On the other hand, if you need blinds for more humid rooms, select our faux-wood blinds.

Wood Blinds Warranty

wooden blinds in a large modern living room 

All blinds have a 3-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects (i.e., a flaw in the product design, materials, or workmanship) for the original owner.

Wood Blinds Details

     Slat Width

   2 inch

   2 ½ inch


   Wood - 24 exclusive designer finishes

   Color coordination is available for    wands/cords and tassels.

     Operation System

   Cord tilt

   Wand tilt



  3 ¼ inch Royal Crown valances are            offered.


  Notch or Edge cut-outs are available.

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