Blinds vs Shutters

Between blinds and shutters, which window treatment is the ideal solution for your Honolulu home? There’s only one way to find out: compare them!

Blinds are a traditional window treatment that have been covering windows in Honolulu for as long as memory serves. And shutters are a modern window treatment that has burst into popularity in the past 20 years. Let’s explore how these two window treatment veterans fare on durability, energy efficiency, cleaning, special window shapes, and home resale value.


Blinds come in metal, hardwood, faux wood, and vertical styles. With 300+ colors and textures to choose from, blinds allow you to match your window treatments to your style –right down to the pattern.

Plantation shutters are available in Polywood® and Ovation® wood. We furnish Polywood in three premium white paint colors – and a custom paint color program for shades of beige, yellow, and grey. Ovation wood shutters come in 28 wood stains and 11 paint colors.


When attended to, blinds last an average of 5 years. On the other hand, shutters can last more than 50 years. 

Energy Efficiency

When closed, the thin slats on blinds don’t have much effect on blocking airflow and heat from outside. But shutters, with their thick louvers and made to order mounting, seal off the impact of the external temperature. In fact, Polywood plantation shutters insulate up to 70% better than similar traditional wood shutters – and 1600% better than aluminum blinds!


Dusting the thin slats of blinds can be a hassle – especially with the cords that run through from top to bottom. When plantation shutters are mounted with a hidden or rear-mount tilt rod, you simply tilt the large louvers back with your hand and wipe the louvers, unhampered.

Special Window Shapes

Traditional blinds can only cover rectangular-shaped windows, not arched, circular, octagonal, or triangular windows. And blinds would only obscure the beautiful window you fell in love with when you purchased the house, anyway. Shutters, however, can be custom-designed to fit your windows just right, regardless of their shape, giving you access to the view and control over privacy – while enhancing your specialty-shaped windows’ beauty.

Home Resale Value

When your home is assessed for resale, all the permanent fixtures are examined. Blinds can be moved from one house to another, whereas shutters are custom-fitted and become part of your windows and home. Actually, they boost the value of your home not only by being a permanent asset, but also by being an energy-efficient one!

We recapped the differences between blinds and shutters in this table for you. Choosing between the two window treatments is based on your style, your windows, and your budget. 





Metal, Hardwood, Faux Wood, Vertical

Polywood and Ovation Wood


Last about 5 years

Last 50+ years

Energy Efficiency






Special Window Shapes


Customizable to fit any window shape

Home Resale Value

No effect

Increases home resale value

Between Blinds and Shutters, Which Is the Right Solution for You?

It comes down to personal preference. And, when you’ve decided, we’ll be here to explain the process of designing them for your windows. Call us at 808-797-2004 or fill out the form below to schedule your free in-home consultation today!

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