The Best-Looking Plantation Shutters In Ewa Beach

Nothing offers more grace and allure to the windows in your house than plantation shutters, and no one knows plantation shutters better than us. Since 1995, we have helped countless customers revamp their windows and enhance their homes with beautiful plantation shutters in Ewa Beach.

As one of the top local shutter companies in Ewa Beach, we care about our customers – and it’s evident. Starting with your initial free consultation all the way through custom installation, ours is a hassle-free process that gives you the highest quality plantation shutters in Ewa Beach.

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Interior Shutters - Ewa Beach’s Best Window Treatment

Numerous homeowners in Ewa Beach have installed interior shutters to add style to their homes. Why are plantation shutters some of the best-selling window treatments? These are just a few reasons:

  • Style - Interior plantation shutters are elegant and timeless because of their austerity and crisp lines. They work with a variety of fashions, colors, and even other window coverings. And because they’re able to be constructed to cover any size or shape of window they can be put in any window in your space.

  • Longevity - Many window treatments such as blinds break after a few years and require frequent replacing. But interior shutters are made to last a lifetime. Even with the constant sun beating down in Ewa Beach, Sunburst shutters won’t lose their color, bend, or break.

  • Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency - Interior shutters keep your home insulated from its number one source of energy loss – your windows. Shutters’ r-value is higher than drapes, blinds, or shades which results in less heat transfer and lower heating bills.

Ewa Beach’s Best-Selling Faux Wood Shutter: Polywood

For all the reasons plantation shutters have become Ewa Beach homeowners’ favorite window treatment, Polywood® plantation shutters provide those benefits and more.

Built from a patented solid engineered wood substitute, Polywood shutters are 100% insusceptible to cracks or chips, and won’t ever split or bend. They’re by far the strongest shutter sold in Ewa Beach. In addition, they’re totally moisture-proof and fire-resistant, so even the worst disaster won’t faze them.

Polywood shutters are available in a range of white and off-white tones, with available wood-like stains for a darker and richer tone. Their classic elegance, broad louvers, and crisp lines make them a fantastic accent to any house, no matter the style or age.

Our patented Polywood material, with standard weatherstripping that’s custom-fit to your windows, makes Polywood plantation shutters far and away the most energy efficient window covering on the market. Polywood shutters can prevent almost half of the heat transfer through your windows, making for lower utility bills for you.

Lastly, Polywood shutters are American-made.

Hardwood Shutters in Ewa Beach

For Ewa Beach residents that desire to have natural wood beauty inside their homes, Sunburst Shutters has you covered with stunning Ovation® natural wood shutters. Hardwood shutters, constructed from solid furniture-grade teak, are a great window treatment for Ewa Beach homes that want an elegant window treatment that adds history and character to any space. The natural wood texture, combined with Sunburst’s wide variety of natural wood finishes, allows you to bring Mother Nature’s finest looks into your home design.

For a hardwood shutter even more in tune with nature, we also offer reclaimed wood shutters in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Our stunning reclaimed wood shutters are sourced from lumber all throughout the U.S., giving you a window treatment that is altogether unique, and a work of art in its own right.

It’s Easy To Get Custom Shutters In Ewa Beach

Purchasing the best shutters for your home may feel somewhat unnerving. But with Sunburst, we make the process of getting custom shutters in Ewa Beach simple. Here’s how we make it work:

  1. You call 808-797-2004 or fill out the form below to set up a complimentary design consultation with one of our window pros.

  2. A Sunburst shutter pro will get exact measurements of your windows. They will also take time with you to look at all your window covering options, and suggest ideas for what works with your budget, existing home design, and your personal needs.

  3. Once you’ve seen all the options, pick your preferred window treatment and put in your order.

  4. Within a short time, our installation team comes to your house to put in your new shutters and show you how to care for them.

Once finished, you’ll get beautiful custom shutters for your house without any hassle. It’s that easy to get gorgeous, custom shutters in Ewa Beach.

A Variety of Shades and Blinds In Ewa Beach

If you need a window treatment other than shutters, we have you covered there as well. We offer a collection of blinds, shades, and other window treatments for you to shop from.


Polywood Blinds In Ewa Beach

Our premium Polywood blinds marry the ease and simplicity of blinds with the strength and beauty of our Polywood line. Pick from either hardwood blinds built from basswood or faux wood sets.

Shades In Ewa Beach

Shades at Sunburst come in an array of styles and textures to fit any space in your home. Select from solid shades, woven shades, Roman shades, and more to get the look you’ve been dreaming of for your home.

For more ideas, tour our Home Idea Gallery which is full of photos of our shades, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments available in Ewa Beach.

For Ewa Beach Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t let your windows be an afterthought to your home improvement projects any more. With aid from Sunburst Shutters Honolulu, you can totally revamp the look and feel of your house, without ever lifting a finger.

Simply call 808-797-2004 today to talk to one of our window design professionals, and schedule your complimentary in-home consultation, so you’ll be able to find the perfect window treatment for any of your windows, no matter the dimensions, unique shape, or place in your home.