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Add to the Beauty of Your Octagonal Windows with Octagon Shutters In Honolulu

Octagon windows are among the most exquisite specialty-shaped windows we’ve seen in Honolulu. Yet these windows can be difficult to install traditional shutters on. That’s why our customers choose custom octagonal shutters in Honolulu.

Custom plantation shutters give you temperature control and energy efficiency. They also come in an array of stain colors and paints to complement your decor and needs. Depending on if you’re interested in a dark wood shutter or a custom-painted Polywood® shutter, we custom build the louvers to the shape of your octagon window.

We start by recording the height and width of your home’s octagon window. Then, we note where each angle is located, so when we head back to our workshop, we can then order your custom shutters in Honolulu to flawlessly fit your window. Using a combination of cutting-edge computer software and custom templates based on the measurements of your windows, we manufacture your octagon-shaped shutters, then put on finishes and colors.

Our skilled installers then carefully install the shutters onto your octagonal window and ensure the louvers open and shut correctly, providing you with easier cleaning and a better view. This way, not only does it give you a way to control the light and privacy, but also amplifies the charm of the octagon shape you love so much.

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