Rear Mount Tilt Rod Shutters In Honolulu to Give a Better View

On the back of each louver is the rear mount tilt rod which is a thin metal strip that gives you control over the tilting movements of your plantation shutters. Using a tilt rod is an easy and pragmatic way to get the appearance of a hidden tilt rod in Honolulu without the price of an internally nested gear mechanism.

Scarcely noticeable from the front, the rear-mount tilt bar lets you control your view. You simply adjust one louver to the position you want, and the other louvers move in sync.

With the tilt rod mounted on the back of the louvers, your plantation shutters give your room a trendy atmosphere. And, just like with a front mount tilt bar, wiping your shutters is easy when there isn’t a tilt rod in front.

Our favorite attribute of a hidden tilt rod is that it accentuates the design of your shutters. Your shutters look more sleek and modern without a visible tilt rod. 

We offer the tilt bar in the back because we enjoy the streamlined look it brings to plantation shutters in Honolulu. Our installation specialists custom make plantation shutters with rear-mount tilt rods in Honolulu to match your decor and rooms.