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French doors and large white Polywood shutter windows in a breakfast nook area.

How To Improve Your House's Windows In Honolulu

September 15, 2022

Windows may be one of the most vital features of your residence. They serve as a design centerpiece in terms of aesthetic appeal. They are your best method to usher sunshine indoors. And whenever you open your house’s windows in Honolulu, you may allow a refreshing breeze into any area.

With that being said, aging windows might be a cause for concern in your home. Poorly sealed windows can lose warm air that makes your utility expenses rise. Outdated windows might obscure sunlight and make the inside of your house appear dark. If your windows in Honolulu look uninviting or lack energy efficiency, it’s time for an update. Unfortunately, replacing your windows is often not possible. Instead, explore these simple tips for using window treatments and other possibilities to update and enhance your windows.

Give Your Honolulu House Windows A Bit Of Appeal With Dazzling Window Treatments

Gray roller shades with scalloped edge in a small kitchen table area.
When your windows on their own aren’t very attractive, alter their appearance with amazing window treatments. Use patterned window shades for a distinctive design or woven fiber shades for a touch of nature inside. If you’re unsure what window treatments will look best with your house’s features, choose versatile interior shutters. These time-tested products can be found in traditional hardwood coming in a wide variety of stain options or distinctive white faux wood which goes with any interior.

Window treatments can do double duty. If you’re looking for additional privacy or less illumination in a room, interior shutters or blackout roller shades block the sightline into your property and sunlight. If you would like a little isolation but still have a need of light, choose sheer shades or shift the louvers on your interior shutters.

Prevent Drafts With Energy-Efficient Windows Or Window Treatments

Faux wood plantation shutters covering doors and windows within dining room
House windows in Honolulu let in a lot of heat and cold that may make your property unpleasant and raise your utility bills. When you have older windows with poor insulation, replacing them with more efficient windows will lower expenses and boost your peace of mind over the long haul. Talk to your window supplier about installing double or triple-paned windows, gas-filled windows, UV reflecting glass coatings, and other options to enhance efficiency levels.

In the event new windows don’t fall within your budget, you have the ability to prevent airflow and energy dissipation with certain versatile window treatments. Cellular shades have a distinct structure that captures exterior air so it won’t flow into your home. As an alternative, for unmatched insulation from window treatments, install faux-wood Polywood® shutters. Their patented insulation system stops as much as 30 degrees of temperature loss when closing the panels and louvers.

Revive Your Windows By Painting The Trim

White Polywood shutters in a sitting area of a bedroom.
If your windows seem uninspired, you might paint the trim for a fresh appearance. Paint darker wood bright white for a modern feel, or paint light-colored trim a darker tone for a bold statement. When your trim currently is the same as your wall color, differentiate your windows with the identical color but several shades darker. Whatever tone you pick, get it in a durable higher gloss that will hold up well to smacks and bumps.

Use Attention-grabbing Window Treatments That Enhance Your Home’s Outward Appeal

Exterior shutters displayed with interior white Polywood shutters.
Since your windows treatments are evident from outside, choose options that can do double-duty and give the exterior of your home more appeal. Louvered shutters are constructed with sharp lines that complement virtually all architectural types, and brilliant white synthetic shutters show through your windows and blend with the exterior of your property. If you want a unique focal point, consider your preferred window shade style in a bold hue. When a more subdued approach is more to your taste, a neutral-colored shade or shutter will blend in with the other color tones of your Honolulu house.

Improve Your House Windows In Honolulu With Shades And Shutters From Sunburst

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