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White polywood shutters special shaped within a bedroom

Your Top Choice In Window Treatments For Palladian Windows In Honolulu

June 03, 2022

Distinctive Palladian windows add a unique design element to every Honolulu home. These sizeable windows with a tall arched window complemented by two smaller rectangular windows give you an abundance of natural light and an amazing view. But how do you place something over these unique windows to adjust for privacy and light without hiding their design?

Sturdy, interior shutters are the ideal window treatments for Palladian windows in Honolulu. The simple reasoning is because shutters are hand-crafted to match the specific size of your non-standard window openings. They keep the shape, give you superior light and privacy control, and accentuate the breathtaking allure of your Palladian windows.

Louvered Shutters Accommodate The Unique Shape Of Your Palladian Window

White Polywood Palladian windows in a dining room.
If your home has such a lovely window as a Palladian window, you would never wish to conceal its shape. While standard coverings like drapes provide darkness and privacy, these square window treatments will either cover your arched window in the middle or leave the upper part unshielded and let light in.

Customized interior shutters give you the best of both worlds. Both hardwood and composite shutters are designed to match your window's precise measurements. A frame is fabricated around the border of the window, and louvered panels are designed to fit inside the frame. On an arched window like a Palladian window, you might decide to have the panels stretch to the top of the arch and utilize the same rounded edge as the outer framework, or you might have the arch fitted by itself and inset with a sunburst shutter. Either way, the louvers stay operational so you maintain great control over light and privacy.

Interior Shutters Give You Control Over Privacy And Sunlight

White polywood Pallidian shaped windows. 
With such a great fit, plantation shutters allow you to enjoy total mastery over how much sunlight and privacy you experience with your Palladium windows. Expertly installed louvered shutters leave no gaps between the window and shutter frame, and when you close the louvers, you eliminate sun glare while enjoying more privacy. This attention to detail makes interior shutters extremely energy efficient too. Composite shutters, particularly, insulate windows with their patented insulation qualities.

Naturally, there are times when you want to enjoy the outdoor scenery through your Palladian window and encompass your home with natural light. In that case, tilt open the slats until you have the view or levels of light you want. You might manipulate the the slats to redirect the sun’s glare from reflective surfaces or out of your eyes too.

Interior Shutters Accentuate The Elegance Of Your Palladian Window

Ovation shutters with a special shaped arched window in a living room. 

A glamorous window requires similarly attractive window treatments. Plantation shutters look stunning as window treatments on Palladian windows in Honolulu. They add breathtaking architectural detail and texture to a room and are a definite upgrade over traditional curtains or other alternatives. And you can design the exact appearance you want with your preferred choice of colors, frame style, and material. Choose modern and stylish with white faux-wood shutters and a sleek frame or classic with real wood Ovation shutters with a rich wood stain and decorative frame. When you have a range of choices, it’s not hard to fabricate plantation shutters that blend perfectly with your decor.

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