Must-Ask Questions When Working With a Honolulu Contractor

Darren Wong

Here at Sunburst we’re many things: Honolulu shutter installers, interior fashion experts, and more. But basically, you could just call us Honolulu contractors.

There’s no shortage of contractors in Honolulu, and it may be tricky to choose the best one for you. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel, new flooring, or new window treatments – choosing the right team is important. Below are some questions to ask the next time you hire a Honolulu contractor for your home improvement project.

Honolulu contractor infographic 

Ask About Your Contractor’s Credentials

Regardless of the size of your next project, you need to be able to trust your contractor 100%. You can build that trust by making sure their credentials check out. Ask for copies of their contracting license and insurance – any home service provider worth the money will be glad to oblige you.

Also check out their reputation. Find out what other customers have said about the contractor from more than one of these sources:

  • HomeAdvisor

  • Angie’s List

  • Houzz

  • Facebook

  • Google Business

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Yelp

But don’t make the mistake of implicitly trusting online reviews. Reviews are just one thing to consider when planning your project.

Ask Questions About Your Specific Project

No one knows your home better than you, so don’t be afraid to voice any questions or concerns you have about your project with any potential contractor. Are you worried about how the new flooring you want might not work with your subfloor, or thinking about if your new wood shutters are a better idea than wood blinds?

Honolulu shutter window contractor 

Be sure to speak up and get the answers that are pertinent to your home!

Find Out About Install Day

Depending on how big your project is, install can be grueling and long, or it could be a cinch. No matter what, be sure to get the details for installation day. Here are a few to get you started.

  • Roughly how long will the full job take?

  • How many contractors might be coming in and out of my house?

  • Do I need to cover any furniture or anything else in the house?

  • How likely is there to be any fumes or dust during or after the installation?

  • How much noise should I expect?

  • Will my kids or pets need to be out of the house during the installation?

Ask About Your Payment Options

You might not have to wait and save for months to schedule your home improvement project. Most Honolulu contractors and home service providers can let you pay in installments.

Sunburst Shutters Honolulu currently offers special financing on all your window treatment projects. With flexible interest rates, we can find the best financing plan for you.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions about window treatment installations or any of our products, we’re more than happy to answer them. Give us a call at 808-797-2004 or fill out the contact form below to get a free in-home estimate.