Plantation Shutters: The Top Patio Door Window Treatment in Honolulu

Darren Wong

No matter if your patio doors are a sliding glass door or beautiful French doors, something they have in common is their substantial window panes that offer you an excellent view of the outside. However, so much glass can come with issues, such as energy loss, privacy, and sun glare. That's why you need a quality window cover to fully benefit from your windows.

Read about why home plantation shutters are the best patio door window treatments in Honolulu and how they can solve these annoying challenges!

The Top Sliding Door Window Treatments For Honolulu

Sliding patio doors in Honolulu.

Sliding glass doors are a popular patio door among many homeowners in Honolulu. True to their name, sliding patio doors usually include at least two full-size windows, one of which slides past the other. While they let in a lot of natural light, they are also some of the most challenging doors to find treatments for. So much glass means a ton of energy loss and privacy worries -- in addition to the glare if your backyard lies to the east or west.

The best sliding glass patio door window covers in Honolulu are plantation shutters. These interior shutters don’t mount to the door itself but instead move in front of it. When sun glare becomes an annoyance, just move the shutters in front of the door and adjust the louvers to control sunlight -- or shut them all of the way for the most privacy. Usually, sliding door shutters are fabricated from faux wood, like our Polywood® shutters, so you even get energy-efficiency benefits.

Sliding door shutters provide longevity and ease of use, thereby allowing frequent activity in and out of the patio. The most familiar style of shutters on a sliding door is Bypass. Bypass shutters move behind each other on a track to open the entryway.

The Best French Door Window Treatments For Honolulu

Patio Doors with Plantation Shutters in Honolulu

If you lack a sliding glass door leading out to your outdoor space, you may have another common door type: French doors. This type of entryway includes twin doors that open out from one another. The result may be a tad bit more elegant than a sliding glass or regular door, but they share similar drawbacks. Large panes of glass cause heat loss and sun glare.

It should be no surprise that faux wood plantation shutters also prove to be the preferredFrench door window treatments in Honolulu. They have the same beauty, durability, and energy-efficiency that sliding door shutters offer, except they can affix directly onto the French door frame. Consequently, your French door plantation shutter works much more like your standard window shutters, and you don’t have to move them aside to get through the doorway.

Sunburst Shutters Honolulu Has The Best Window Treatments For Your Patio Doors

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