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WIndow treatments in a high rise apartment

The Best Window Treatments for a High-Rise in Honolulu

August 28, 2020

It can be exciting when you live or work in a high-rise, especially with your dramatic views of Honolulu. Whether you’re looking at a condo, apartment, penthouse, or office, high-rise interiors usually have tall, impressive windows that may fill an entire wall. With large windows like this, you may think it’s difficult to find suitable high-rise window treatments in Honolulu.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of window coverings available that are perfect for the large area of a high-rise window. Products like shades and plantation shutters will effectively shift light while upgrading the room’s interior. They might even let you turn down the thermostat due to their high level of energy-efficiency.

Roller Shades Are A Popular Window Treatment For Honolulu High-Rise Buildings

Roller shade in Honolulu

Roller shades are a sought-after window treatment because they offer effortless function. They can be customized to accommodate any size of window, from standard pane windows to much larger picture windows. Moving them up or down is done with a quick tug on the shade, or you can select motorized if your windows are too tall or difficult to reach. And because they sit close to the window, you won’t have to worry about thinner window frames.

Roller shades in Honolulu can be found in several levels of opacity from sheer to blackout, offering the chance to set a different atmosphere in each interior space. With a multitude of styles and colors, they fit your existing décor. You can select a sheer fabric that softens the outside city lights while still protecting against glare, or a total light blocking shade. With a roller shade, you can choose from an array of styles, colors, or fabrics to accentuate your high-rise windows.

Cellular Shades Give Your High-Rise Windows Style And Energy-Efficiency

Cellular shades by in a Honolulu dining room.

Heat loss is at times a significant problem with high-rise windows in Honolulu. Either heat leaves the living space through the windows, or the sunshine overwhelms the interior, giving the area a too-hot feel. The bigger your windows are, the greater chance heat loss becomes a problem. Fortunately, you can install a cellular shade to provide some needed energy-efficiency.

A cellular shade compresses easily, to create little pockets that keep unwanted warmth against the window. That keeps your temperature-controlled air in the space while keeping the cool or hot air from entering. Just like their roller shade cousin, cellular shades can come in a variety of colors and patterns. They also can be motorized, so you don’t need a ladder to open and close your high-rise window treatments in Honolulu.

Plantation Shutters Direct Sun Glare As Needed

Faux wood plantation shutters in Honolulu

If you’re seeking a way to shift light instead of preventing it from entering, you will want a solution like plantation shutters. These are sturdier than a window shade, and the large louvers will keep sunlight in your house, even when the sun is at window height. When glare becomes a problem, you can easily tilt the louvers downard and move light toward the floor. Or shut them completely for total privacy.

Those who live or work in high-rises commonly lean towards faux wood for their interior shutters. These attractive shutters are manufactured with recyclable materials that won’t fade, warp, chip, split, or yellow. They are unique interior window options that maintains their integrity despite the ever-present sun on your Honolulu high-rise window. Quality faux wood shutters, like our Polywood® Shutters, are also energy-efficient with up to 1600% more efficiency than traditional blinds.

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