The Honolulu Guide To Replacing Windows and Shutters

Darren Wong

You know what you’re in for when you install plantation shutters in your Honolulu home: beautiful style, discrete light control, and great insulation for a cozier home. But what if something unexpected happens, like if you need to replace your window? What needs to happen with your shutters? 

Fortunately, we’re here to help. This is everything you should know about shutters and replacing your windows.

You don’t need to replace your shutters when you replace your window

Possibly the question we’re asked the most about window replacements is if you can replace your windows without having to replace your shutters. The answer in almost every case is yes! It’s fairly rare that a set of plantation shutters will interfere with replacing a window pane, and even in those rare instances they’re easy to detach from the bracket affixed to the frame and reattach after the replacement is done.

Shutter install in Honolulu living room 

There may be the odd case where your replacement windows could interfere with your existing shutters, for instance if you’re installing tilting windows or crank handle windows. If that’s the case, you should still be able to keep your shutters– our expert installers may be able to come up with a solution to coexist with the new windows, whether it’s a different frame or changing how your shutters are mounted.

If You Have The Right Shutters, You May Not Need Replacement Windows

Why are you replacing your windows? If your window is broken or is starting to crack, you should definitely replace it. But what if you’re trying to replace your window just because you need more effective insulation, or for better looks?

If that’s the case, what you might actually need is a better window treatment. An effective insulator like Polywood faux wood shutters can improve your temperature control better than installing a double-pane window. With shutters, you can update the look of your windows, but with much less hassle.

Classic shutters in Honolulu bay window 

In addition, installing shutters is a more profitable investment in your home, because they add benefits to your home’s form and function.

You Don’t Need Any Extra Work to Put In Shutters

Some homeowners in Honolulu believe that you need to replace your windows, frame, or trim in order to have shutters put in. That’s definitely not the case. Even if your windows have a unique shape, way of opening, or tilt a certain way, we can build a set of shutters that operate perfectly in tandem with your current setup. From a unique mount that complements your existing trim, to a custom build that makes room for an opening crank, there’s no extra work needed.

Any Other Questions About Window Replacements and Shutters?

If you have more questions on replacing your shuttered windows, or need to install shutters on a replacement window, Sunburst Shutters Honolulu is here to help. Call our pros at 808-797-2004 today or fill out our contact form below to get your questions answered. And be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters for more info.