What are Faux Wood Shutters?

Darren Wong

“Faux wood” is a phrase that gets used a lot with regards to interior design, from furniture to floors to window coverings. Really, it just means “not wood, but looks like it.” Other than that, you might not have any idea what you have. So if you’re on the hunt for faux wood shutters, faux wood blinds, or any other sort of faux wood window treatment in Honolulu, what is it that you’re actually using in your windows?

Honolulu faux wood shutters

Sunburst Shutters Honolulu will help you separate the quality faux wood shutters from the not-so-quality ones. This is what you should know.

Faux Wood Quality Can Vary From Great To Shoddy

Faux wood is usually presented as a more affordable version of hardwood, but a good amount of faux wood products are more like a “cheap” version of hardwood. Most faux wood on the market is actually just composite wood, which is a mix of wood fiber or wood chips, plastic, and glue, sometimes coated in vinyl. Almost all of these sort of composite materials aren’t resilient, can’t really block noise or heat loss, and will most likely fade and lose their color after repeated sun exposure.

Even worse, some faux wood shutters are hollowed out material, making it even weaker structurally, prone to chipping or breaking, and less energy efficient.

Though you might think you’re helping your wallet by picking faux wood window treatments, are you really getting much benefit from shutters you’ll probably need to replace in a few years? Do you benefit much from shutters that don’t help make your house more cozy or your energy bills lower?

Luckily, not all faux wood shutters are made equal.

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What To Look For In a Great Faux Wood Shutter

There are 3 qualities you should look for in a great faux wood shutter:

  • Durable, waterproof material

  • No glued material on a wood chip base

  • A lifetime warranty

Sunburst’s Polywood® plantation shutters were designed to succeed where the majority of faux wood falls short. Unlike cheaply constructed shutters made of wood pulp and adhesive, Polywood shutters are constructed from our patented Polywood extruded material, created to weather the harshest elements and stand up to punishment that would make other shutters shatter.

In addition, Polywood is 100% solid, making them not only more durable and immune to cracking or chipping, but also better insulators to keep your space nice and cozy.

Plantation shutters in Honolulu bedroom.

And unlike most faux wood shutter products, Polywood shutters are backed by a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty.

Some window treatment shops may try to market their faux wood shutters as a similar “poly” material, but remember that there’s only one Polywood®.

Get Honolulu’s Best Faux Wood Shutters

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