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Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Blinds?

Most Honolulu blinds go out of fashion or become damaged before too long. Upgrade from blinds using some of these Honolulu window treatment options.

What are Faux Wood Shutters?

Honolulu faux wood shutters are some of the most popular window coverings. But what’s in a faux wood shutter – are they all the same?

Exposing More Interior Shutter Myths

Too many shutter myths keep going around in Honolulu. Sunburst wants to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to interior shutters.

Are DIY Shutters Hard to Do?

Do it yourself shutters are becoming more popular. Here’s what you should know prior to starting on DIY shutters in Honolulu.

4 Shutter Myths Revealed

There are a lot of shutter myths that Honolulu homeowners need to know about. See behind the myths with Sunburst Shutters.

Honolulu Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s finally time for spring cleaning in Honolulu. We’ll help you get your window treatments and the rest of your home looking brand-new again with these pointers.

4 Home Office Window Treatment Ideas In Honolulu

Do the window treatments in your home office contribute to an atmosphere where you can be productive? Check out 4 window treatment ideas for your home office in Honolulu that can let you get work done and enjoy your office.